While a settlement is ideal because it is cost effective and certain, the ability and willingness to try the case is the most important settlement tool.  We have an arsenal of civil litigation talent at The Sampat Law Firm.  Our lawyers have the experience and resources to aggressively litigate your matter in federal or state court.


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Personal Injury Cases


At The Sampat Law Firm, we will work to obtain the largest possible settlement to compensate you if you have been injured by the negligence of another person or company.  A defendant's insurance company will often push to settle quickly, even before you contact an attorney.  After the long process of reaching your maximum medical recovery, the settlement offer may still not reflect the extent of your injuries and your associated damages.  Our civil litigation attorneys will not hesitate to take the matter to court to recover your lost wages, medical costs, and compensation for your pain and suffering.


Warranty Issues - Lemon Law Cases - Defective Products


When purchasing a car (or other large product), the manufacturer or dealership selling you the product is responsible for telling you everything.  Many times, a client will come to us because an automobile he or she purchased was a lemon and had immediate defects or a manufacturer and/or dealership would not live up to its warranty.  When the matter cannot be mediated or settled, we will mark your "Lemon Law" case for trial and get the justice that you deserve.  Those manufacturing and selling all products need to back up their claims and warranties.


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