Entertainment law is a very far-reaching and diverse legal field. It includes matters related to intellectual property rights, contract negotiations, protection from defamation, and more.  If you are involved in writing, performing, or producing any kind of entertainment, you will need to be familiar with your various rights and duties under the law.


If learning everything you need to know about many so different legal fields seems overwhelming, there is no need to worry.  An experienced entertainment lawyer from The Sampat Law Firm can help you handle whatever complications you experience and prevent future problems before they begin. To learn more, call our offices at 215-268-6520.


Entertainment law encompasses all forms of artistic and educational media.  Film, radio, live theater, websites, and published material are all included. Our knowledgeable entertainment law attorneys are ready to handle cases related to all of these fields, including:


  • Contracts between artists and their employers

  • Protection of intellectual property rights Licensing and regulation issues

  • Co-production agreements

  • Protection from defamation and censorship

  • Securing rights to perform a play or screenplay

  • Performance space rentals and related arrangements

  • International trade and regulations

  • Advertising contracts and related agreements


Creating a lasting work of art is difficult enough without having to handle legal complications. By contacting our law firm, you can allow us to take on such problems while you focus on your creations and career.  Legal complications should not have to interfere with your work.  To discuss what our entertainment lawyers can do to help you, contact The Sampat Law Firm at 215-268-6520.


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