The Sampat Law Firm provides counsel and representation in a broad array of legal issues in the sports world.  We assist athletes, agents, event producers and venues, sports teams and organizations, health clubs and specialized training and fitness providers, sports and fitness equipment manufacturers, and all parties involved in the use of sports and athletes in the marketing of products and services.  We provide counsel on issues arising in the context of collegiate, professional and international competition and representation in the contract negotiations of athletes and coaches.  We provide representation in proceedings concerning athlete eligibility and doping allegations and assist athletes, agents, event producers and product/services marketers in the negotiation and drafting of sponsorship and endorsement agreements.  The Sampat Law Firm assists athletes and other high-profile individuals in their efforts to protect and leverage their celebrity/publicity rights into a broad range of business endeavors. 



  • Athlete and Coach Representation

    • Player and Coach Contracts

    • Salary Negotiations and Arbitration

    • Eligibility Tribunals

    • Publicity Rights Licensing

      • Endorsement Agreements

      • Personal Services Contracts

  • Event Producers/Promoters

  • Venue Agreements

  • Insurance Issues and Indemnity Agreements

  • Sponsorship/Advertising Agreements

  • Participant Waivers and Releases

  • Merchandising Agreements

  • Membership Issues and Statutory Agreements

  • Event Promotions and Sponsorships

  • Professional Trainer Agreements

  • Insurance and Liability Issues

  • Equipment Lease and Purchase Agreements

  • Product creation and protection

  • Product Liability issues and insurance

  • Manufacturing Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Endorsement and Sponsorship Agreements

  • Health Club and Fitness Industry

  • Sports Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors


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